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It's my Birthday

2017-07-30 20:49:44 by thepixelizer

Yup now I'm no longer 24 now I'm 25! ....Whoot....

Well if you've been sniffing around the Collabinator or the forums you probably know that my cartoon Platformer Pests2 needs one more voice actress to play Flying Felisha.


So if you're intrested contact me. I'll provide the lines if you're interested, (you could just read the subtitles in my cartoon and record those)  Any voice will do I've been waiting for months!

Also I've made a cool wall paper check it out


New Mega Pests picture

2017-04-06 00:55:19 by thepixelizer

Hello Newgrounds, I've made a new picture check it out.

And while your doing that, how about leave me a comment and rate it.


Also there's a little animated loop goody in my art thread!



Super Zeroes sketch book #4

2017-02-25 21:18:01 by thepixelizer

Here's the final lame super hero drawings, introducing Submeltycon!


With the power to turn into a puddle of ice.

Super Zeroes sketch book #3

2017-02-23 14:14:33 by thepixelizer

Inrtoducing Wuhzoox man!


Always hyper active Wuhzoox Man defends the city, he can scale large buildings in an elevator, he's faster than an old man crossing the street, he's stronger than a todler in a Karate class. Wuhzoox Man was gifted with the ability to implode. He got his powers from finding and putting on the Mighty Tidy Widies.

Super Zeroes sketch book #2

2017-02-18 00:43:26 by thepixelizer

Page two of the lame super powers character doodles.

Introducing Stone Out! He's an original villain with an addiction.


Stone Out was a man, but after inventing a new narcotic/steroid named Swamp Gas, he got so stoned (high) that he turned into stone,becoming the worlds biggest addict, he's constantly breathing in Swamp Gas from a tank on his back, if he stops he'll suffer the longest hang over man has ever seen.


Super Zeroes sketch book #1

2017-02-15 18:51:04 by thepixelizer

Hello Newgrounds do you like super heroes? Well too bad! This is a series of comically lame character doodles.

I call it Super Zeroes sketch book!


Introducing Salty Man! The controller of all salt. Faster than a drunken sloth, he can dehydrate you as fast as a late train. All thugs beware of his mighty salt and pepper mustache, salty man brings salty justice straight  to the bad guys eyes. He's over sixty years old and still doing his job. Where would we be without him?


2017-01-22 20:54:59 by thepixelizer

I can't believe it! For the first time one of my works has ended up on the frontpage! Man am I having a great week!

I even got to try out virtual reality yesterday too!


Mention Mania! #4

2017-01-06 21:54:06 by thepixelizer

Welcome to


A short blog where I recommend an obscure artist! Today we'll talk about @ChickenSlurpee.

Here's a terribly made fan pic of his main character Rolly


ChickenSlurpee is kind of new around here, and still has a lot to learn, but his/her animations show promise,

He's or She's even getting better over time. You can see it by comparing the old style of the show


to the new style of the show


ChickenSlurpee's cartoon series The Rolly Show is pretty funny, it stars this orange fat thing named Rolly who loves to eat burgers. And if you've seen my art you'll know that I'm really into characters that you don't know what the heck they are, so I really like this cartoon.

The scripts are goofy and all of the character are likable, even the bad guys.

What gets me is that I'm Chicken Slurpee's only fan, that can't be right! This artist needs more fans!

Subscribe Go and do it dooo it!  ...please


~Pixel out


Also does he kind of remind you of3040038_148375603743_Mactransperantsprite.png( just saying ...  Mac's first appeance was in 2011 though OC)


Wouldn't it be funny if Mac went over to Rolly's World, it could happen ...if the stars align just right, Don't get your hopes up though.


Calling all pixel artists

2016-10-03 19:10:48 by thepixelizer

Hey there it's me Pixel, need help animating platformer Pests 2, It's a completely original (no stolen characters or graphics) Sprite animation. I need animators and chiptune artists.