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New gif loop

2018-03-11 19:09:16 by thepixelizer

I just couldn't let this animation idea die in the dark. Just like Star Bright I often find myself daydreaming this movement often.


Lol first loop of the year

2018-02-03 03:38:38 by thepixelizer


I've always wanted to animate this after seeing this

...Don't ask.


on the 21st day of December my Pixel gave to me..

2017-12-21 05:31:32 by thepixelizer

A better looking 3d picture, Yippie!


I've learned a bit more about colored lighting. It's an improvement! I've even found a way to make the light-source turn invisible, so now I don't have to always have to hang the lights out of the view of the camera. Heck it looks better than the Scorchy and Droppy.


Yeah the robot (Spectoid) needs more work when it comes to reflections and bumps, but this was only just a test.

It's amazing how lighting can make even the most overdetailed complex model look like garbage

New Video Clip

2017-10-29 00:30:47 by thepixelizer

As I said in my last post ("expect more") Here is more! This is a outtake from a cartoon I wanted to make about these characters that live in a kids educational tv program, the movie will be named Mabel's Super Duper Party.

This clip features former main character Super Duper Dupey, with the power to duplicate itself, no one knows what Dupeys gender is since it looks like a baby. But atleaste it knows how to count and read.


Happy Spookfest Newgrounds!

I'm up to something

2017-10-21 03:18:57 by thepixelizer

I made a modification for a Sonic fan game named Sonic World! It's still a work in progress but one day you could play as Kyle from my comics! Originally he was a cheap edit of Tails but over the years I've redesigned him over and over again until he looks original. (i hope)


Other than that I've been playing some Lego Worlds, my plan is to build a digital theme park there. Here are some pics.


Yup, I've been a busy beaver, expect more stuff.

Pixel out

What the heck kind of Deviant Art is this? #3

2017-10-11 01:47:36 by thepixelizer

Welcome one and all, here is the third of my cheap knockoff characters this time featuring Shadow and Rougue.


 Introducing Noirdex the ultimate Ladies' man and smoker, and Wing the Hoochy. Wing just melts in Noidex's grasp, he's always seen with her, and some question if Wing can stand up on her own, and if she's a ragdoll.

A new animated clip!

2017-09-24 09:26:00 by thepixelizer


This was going to be an animated gif but there were exporting problems. So I uploaded it to Youtube, I would have uploaded to the dump, but with the eventual demise of the swf. in a few years, it seemed pointless. I made it to introduce my new character Raging Rachel.

I made a new picture!

2017-09-06 18:33:51 by thepixelizer

Introducing Marbletopia a futursistic robot town!

This makes an awesome desktop background the following is the cut off version I'm using as a desktop background.


It's from an old comic I made back in Highschool named Hard Head, it was about this fan character I made that looked like a robot version of Block Head, it wasn't too original (and I was never happy with the way he shaped he's subliminally looks like an unmentionable to me ) but at leaste the backgrounds were good.



This is probably the benchmark when my characters started to look extremely different from one another, and when

I started making things so original you couldn't tell what they were.

Weeell since no one said yes or no, I'll take that as a yes then.

Here he is a cheap knock off of Sonic the Hedgehog named Blitz the Whiplash, he can move really swiftly. He's Made purley to dodge copy right infringement, made from straight up boredom, and I'll possibly use him in my cartoon world.


Forget this! The day's done! I'll just turn in and be consumed by pure regret.

And wake up next morning and go to Disney Land.


Amy Rose's brand new MACE

2017-08-30 19:57:06 by thepixelizer

I'm a big Ninten-nerd I still often play the rated E stuff, mainly to know what my younger audience likes. It makes you wonder where's all of Pixel's fan art? Well here goes something . . . I drew this because of boredom. The one on the left is SEGA's world famouse bubblegum head Amy Rose, while on the right is a cheep knock off character I designed named Janey the Mace. I may use her in my original content to parody Amy so I don't get in Copy Right trouble. I've got a few more sitting in the toaster, should I stop? Send me a comment.