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thepixelizer's News

Posted by thepixelizer - October 24th, 2020

Well I'm back from my break.

I think I've oversaturated my art gallery with my web comic named "Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster".


Which is the main reason for why I decided to make this year's Halloween special under the title of Platformer Pests (my other web comic series.) Check out below.

And if you have an account on Comicfury.com why not follow me on there as well.



Shout out goes to @omithealien she's favorited almost every issue of Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster series. She's really passionate about her comics and has made over 600+ images.Wow! Check out her art.


In other news I've also started a Patreon a few months ago. It's still a work in progress. So far I've made four posts on there most containing sweet bonus content and lore about my characters and worlds.

Only a $1.50 to become a Sprite Squad member and get exclusive bonus content.

Or become a Bitmap Hero for just $5.00 to get wallpapers, bonus content and (if you chose) my personal feed back on your art.

Thanks for reading. So what do you want to see more of?

Shuttle Switcher classic? (short random skits)iu_184779_3040038.jpg

Sticks and OWNS?

A crazy over the top action series about a demented serial killer named Jet the Silhouette, and his group of misfit rogues.


2d Radical Reserve?

The pixel art version of the usually 3d Radical Reserve series.

A slightly dramatic action comedy, featuring my raccoon boy Kyle.

Visually inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog.


Tribal Guys?

A talking head comic inspired by Africa Dudes (pretty much Tribal Tankmen if you haven't watched it.)


Feel free to leave a comment. I'd love the the feedback.



Posted by thepixelizer - August 25th, 2020

After eleven of drawing, animating, spriting, comic writing, a bit of game developing, 3d modeling, and sculpting. I've finally done it! I have reached my goal of one hundred fans!

If any body reads these things I mentioned previously that when I reach this goal I'll do something special. WALLAH!iu_160613_3040038.jpg


Well it's not a complete face reveal, but at least you finally get to see all of the different Pixelizers. I've been kind of hiding them.

Starting with the (goofy looking) classic Pixelizer ,featuring two giant laser mice on my forearms, spandex, big Mega Man shin guards and a big o'l computer tower/jetpack on my back.

Up next is the overly detailed version 2.1, with the two mice turned into a laserpistols, with forearm armor plates that can shoot flash drive bombs, also with a computer tower/jetpack.

Next is the current and most appealing thepixelizer 3.1!

That suit has lighter armor than 2.1 and has a glowing cape (o.o), I ditched the jetpack and swapped it for jet shoes. And now my logo is on my breastplate.

Lastly is me in my street clothes aka my secret identity. Simply dubbed Pixel.

Fun fact I actually wear that entire getup in real life.

My first and second suit were used as my avatars many moons ago, the logo came much later and it too went through several different versions as well.

Thank you so much Newgrounds for looking at my cooky little creations for eleven years!

Thank you subscribers, friends, anonymous watchers, and peers. Without all of your support I would have never gotten this far.

You can definitely say I did pretty good job for a guy who posts family friendly art on here.

Well if you think I'm stopping here well you're wrong, I couldn't stop making art even if I tried. Now that the Pixel's out of the bag expect to see more of me.



Posted by thepixelizer - July 25th, 2020

A new card fresh out the freezer. Introducing Dot a Latina thug that's as tough as nails, not even the biggest serial killer in town scares her. She drives a pimped out hearse.


Since her world is inside a child's school notebook originally she was a walking talking dot mark, but I redesigned her into a stick figure.

Posted by thepixelizer - July 9th, 2020


This comic explains more of Razz's past.


I feel like a broken record, most of this is was already revealed in the description of one picture I made earlier this year, and in the first chapter of this comic, but why not.

What's a Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster Pixel? It's a comic I started about a little robot girl named Razz and her adventures in space with Dr.Toasterhead and Milly they go across my vast comic universe looking for answers to an anomaly that can engulf the entire universe. It's completely improv so who knows what will happen next.

Today mark's the 25th comic in the series check out the first one here

And this PLAYLIST is the official archive on Newgrounds, so you get every issue in one place.

For a more streamlined experience, why not check out all of the pages on Comic Fury.com


Have a day.



Posted by thepixelizer - July 6th, 2020


Posted by thepixelizer - July 3rd, 2020

Find out about the clever inventor Dr.Toasterhead's origin.



Posted by thepixelizer - July 1st, 2020

A new Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster comic is out! This chapter will focus more on their home worlds, and past


What the heck is a Dimensional Disaster Pixel? It's an improv scifi comedy comic series starring Razz the Robot and her journey through my vast comic universe in a flying bus in space.

Here's a link to the first one.

And the ARCHIVE .

Posted by thepixelizer - June 2nd, 2020

My comic Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster now has a page on comic fury!


Once again Newgrounds will still be my base, so no worries.



Posted by thepixelizer - May 9th, 2020

Well I did it the next chapter for my Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster comic is here! I've cooked up ten comic strips and will be serving them out daily for ten days in a row so stay tuned.


If you want to catch up here's the ARCHIVE

The first one is here


Posted by thepixelizer - April 18th, 2020


Here's a character from a game I wanted to make in Wickeditor named Slasher Dasher everytime I look at him I laugh, come on just look at him!

In other news I'm drawing more comics, expect to see some more Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster in the eventually. Maybe some more pixel cards I don't know. I mostly just posted Slasher Dasher as a test to see if people will take a doodle I made in an hour seriously.

Making highly detailed and shaded stuff back to back like this.


Is crazy draining , I kind of want to find the fun in drawing again. So if this doesn't completely tank ,I might make doodles like this more often. Don't forget to vote and visit the picture page.