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I call myself the artistic handyman I know pixel art, vector art, CGI art, animation, game development, the basics of music, writing, character design, sculpting, and comics.

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Posted by thepixelizer - August 2nd, 2015

Here it is. Here goes the link to the actual picture. http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/thepixelizer/all-kill-king-server3040038_143854135051_allkillkingserver.png

Posted by thepixelizer - July 20th, 2015

Posted by thepixelizer - July 19th, 2015

Posted by thepixelizer - July 18th, 2015

What's up Newgroundites. Yet another card is done! This one features Groomy the ghost hairstylist.

Check her out. http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/thepixelizer/groomy-trading-card


Pixel fact

I wanted to make a movie this year so I gathered up a group of artist, but do to my lack of leading skills, the team disbanded, Any good directors out there? I sure could use one.

Posted by thepixelizer - July 18th, 2015

Here's another trading card for Punchy check it out.



Pixel facts

I made a few games on Game Maker years ago, but never submitted them to yoyo games.com, after years of working on them... I lost the files. The best one to me was this game called Chomp Bot's Rampage, It's a game that was inspired by Crunchdown, starring Chomp Bot ,with his super dense metal teeth he could break anything, he could even snap a coconut in two.

Siiigh data loss happens too often for me! What ever you do don't count on flash drives, because eventually if you're not carefull you can bend the metal part and then it won't work any more, (trust me this happened twice) instead  I put all of my saves on an SD card.

Any who, if you want to see Chomp Bot he makes a cameo in the first Platformer Pests comic I've posted here.

Pixel out...




Posted by thepixelizer - July 17th, 2015

It's new and card number two!.. And it's all for you.



Pixel Facts

As my name implies, I know how to create animated sprites. I made this really cool Birdo sprite years ago, before I joined NewGrounds, back then I created an account on Mario Fan Games Galaxy named Yoshibro. Any way here's a link to the sheet.http://www.mfgg.net/index.php?act=resdb&param=02&c=1&id=16393

If you need a spriter I'm your guy, feel free to contact me if you need some help.

Posted by thepixelizer - July 15th, 2015

Here's card number one of my new Trading Card Series


This pretty exciting  because I get to show off some characters that I've never posted to the web, and this will help you know my characters more.



Pixel Facts

Before I joined Newgrounds, I used to make short silent animations with this browser tool named Shape Shifter on Aniboom.com. It was a fun place where you got to make animation and share them in the chat room. Although Aniboom hit the iceburg and sank after it completely discarded all the chat room and Shape Shifter. The developers wanted to be soo much like Youtube that they made a channel on Youtube and ditched their site. So I washed up on the shore of Newgrounds and this is my new home now. ( Hopefully it will last.)

Here's a link to my old aniboom page if you're interested. ):



Posted by thepixelizer - July 10th, 2015

I can make CGI art! Surprise! Here's a picture of a robot I designed named Rocket Head.


Facts about me.

Robot day happens the same month as my birthday! And I love robots. Hopefully some time in the future I'll get my own fighting robot, just like on Medabots. (although I think a robot janitor would be just as good too.)

My birthday will be on the 30th this month.


Posted by thepixelizer - June 30th, 2015


Well the second one that is.




Pixel facts about me

1. Even though thepixelizer sounds like a serious name; I don't take myself seriously at all.

2. I'm usually humble.

3. Jelly dohnuts are my favorite snack.

4. I used to play the trombone and the violin when I was in middle school.


Posted by thepixelizer - April 21st, 2015