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Q and A and updates

Posted by thepixelizer - August 18th, 2019

Hello newgrounds it's me again. I've been out of touch with the news posts for a long time now. Get your socks ready because I'm finally going to tell you my big plan. It may sound silly (but we must all have goals) my goal is to reach 100 subscribers (no suprise there) when I do I might just show my face. I also plan on making a Patreon and giving the first few suscribers a free product. But the Patreon stuff that's just a pipe dream though, I make no money doing this, and am currently unemployed.

Anyway I've got dozens of original and unoriginal comic series all with unique characters. I rarely ever show the ones that I haven't announced yet so I don't create a bunch of fake hype so that's why I've been sticking with the same old same old. But I did release the Shuttle Switcher series which has revealed some faces from the vault. So there's hope.

Another nougaty tidbit is that this October 4th will be the 10th year I've been here. If you need to know what will happen then, so far I've got nothing, I'm open for suggestions though (as long as I don't have to make a movie.)

I may seem like I've been just playing Smash bro.s this whole time but since I'm half near my goal, I'll just spill the beans right now.

I'm writing stories like a mad man thepixelizer maybe one day will become a series, the Platformer Pests are eventually going to get an origin story animation! If you remember I did say some of my stories are unoriginal I'm trying my best to redesign them all. That being said not all of them are good enough to be brought back since I wrote them as a child.

Other than that as mentioned before I'm still cranking out Radical Reserve rough drafts, I have finished the real antagonist's back story. Now he just has to meet the protagonists.

No doubt I'll unveil more this October 4th. So stick around for that.

I'm open for questions too in this post if you wish to learn more about me. So feel free to ask away. I'm a pretty nice dude.


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