I'm up to something

2017-10-21 03:18:57 by thepixelizer

I made a modification for a Sonic fan game named Sonic World! It's still a work in progress but one day you could play as Kyle from my comics! Originally he was a cheap edit of Tails but over the years I've redesigned him over and over again until he looks original. (i hope)


Other than that I've been playing some Lego Worlds, my plan is to build a digital theme park there. Here are some pics.


Yup, I've been a busy beaver, expect more stuff.

Pixel out


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2017-10-21 05:12:21

Good stuff, and a cool way to branch out with your OC.
Post makes me want to play both of those games.

(Updated ) thepixelizer responds:

Thanks I did it completely for free, with Blender 3D and a trial version of Fragmotion.
No programming is required too.

Although you do have to pay for Lego Worlds.