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Check out the new denoising checkbox under the scene tab. It will get rid of all of the fireflies. The lighting needs improvement too, you an make light source shapes invisible but still emit light, to do this you must click on the emitter object and under the Orange box tab in properties window uncheck the box that says camera under the cycles settings.

Also test using colored light, when it's a sunny day outdoors make the light yellow when cloudy make the light gray etc.

I love character's design but less frames should make the movement more natural. I hope this helped, keep at it you've got potential.

Laguna-Dragon responds:

Thank you. Next time i will heed your advice. I am always trying to improve my animations. If you have some more advice tell me. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. :)

Most unconventional weapon ever! It's a guitar with that a FREAKING concealed blade! It's pretty funny how that orc had an arrow through his head, his battle cry cracked me up.

The backgrounds are top notch, but the animation seems choppy, that can be easily fixed by adding easing in and out, and perhaps a faster frame rate.

Over all it was extreme, unpredictable, and funny, in a good way. I like your movies man, keep up the good work!

The animation in this is really smooth, but I think the end goes by too fast it makes it looked like he missed or cut the side of him. Perhaps you should add some more emphasis like a close up, pause, slow motion, silhouette, or something.

The background was just bunch of boxes, as a huuuge background nut like myself; I suggest
adding more details, like windows, parked cars, stair cases, shops , pillars, roof tiles, bricks, front yards, libraries, restaurants etc.

And if that's not in your skill set, there are plenty of background artists here on Newgrounds you can team up with, and help you for free (not in all cases).

I can say it was very entertaining and it wasn't boring. Good job.

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This game works, so the programing isn't bad, although it's lacking in creativity it's just a basic featureless platformer engine. If you really want to catch peoples' eyes you should add in more, it's ART you can create what ever the heck you want! You could add bosses, power ups, experimental game mechanics, a story, multiplayer, a level editor sandbox, anything!

And secondly, the enemies were just siting ducks, some AI, movement, different classes, projectiles, varied weak spots all would spice the game up.

And lastly, you really have got to work on your background tile layouts, the themes, material and edges, outlines were very sloppy and chaotic.

But on the bright side the animation was good, the characters were cute and the game was somewhat challenging.

It's way better than boring box games, so you have potential, keep t it.

~Pixel out

This game is soo addictive! I love a good vertical avoider game, everything here is fun, except for the spiky head gets a bit annoying, you always have to dodge the balloon then if you have enough hang time position yourself above the balloon and the stomp, it might be a knit pick but such a simple game shouldn't have too much micromanaging.
But the art is well done and the speed and the music make it really exciting. Keep at it. Over all amazing game.

I love the art style of this game, it's so cute and creative! But the song gets dull after a while, and the level select is a jumbled mess, and doesn't show all of the levels.

Since it's got an arcade feel to it, it really doesn't need a story but it still leaves you wondering what's going on.

Over all it's a decent game, but it seems like you could have added more to the game mechanics. Like a varied jump height depending on how long you hold the button, some more interactive objects, and enemy attack patterns.
Good job.

lbranjord responds:

Yes the game has a terrible untested GUI due to being a mobile port. I was desperate for feedback and pushed it out quick and moved on to the next game. So sorry you had to put up with that. I also planned on additional features, should it gain any positive reviews or downloads. I think between this and android, I should be able to tell whether it needs a full build out or whether it was another learning step for me as a developer.

I appreciate your feedback a lot!

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This song is so beautiful and soothing. Although to make it loop better I suggest trashing the fade out at the end to make it more consistent.
Good job!

MateusAbrantes responds:

I guess there isn't a way to make the song loop seemelesly here on NG though. I did what you said in my other composition "Life in the Countryside", but the player adds about 0.2 second before the song starts, so there's always a tiny clip before the loop starts again. Either way, I guess that's the best thing I can do. haha I'm gonna edit this one soon. Thanks!

Awesome! It sounds retro and futuristic at the same time! Keep it up it's pretty unique.

Pitfall responds:

thanks a bunch! glad you liked it (:

This song deserves way more that one and a half stars!
It's one of the best Chiptunes I've ever heard! I love how the melody immerses you. It's catchy, the only thing wrong is that it's a bit repetitive, but it sounds so good that it doesn't matter. I'll increase your stars.
Good job.

GJYYNGII responds:

Thank you for your comment.

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Dude! You've got to start editing the faces and lines, the sculpt tool can't be used for everything, it's not the Blender's best feature, if you want to do do that I suggest getting Zbrush. I know there's a lot of faces on a circle and it looks like it can be scary and seem time consuming; but you'll end up with better models. Selecting more than one face is pretty simple here's a tutorial.

Remember that if you learn the interface standard shortcuts like scaling, duplicating, grabbing, and rotating they can be used throughout most of the interface. For example if you're UV wrapping a texture (adding an image texture to your model) you could select the face outline template and rotate, scale, grab, and duplicate.

Youtube is also your FRIEND! There are thousands of hours of free tutorials on there! That's how I got most of my knowledge from, keep learning and improving you've got potential.

Scuinox responds:

I don't have to do anything

Isn't this just from a tutorial on YouTube? Sorry, that's against the rules here.
Not bad though, the lighting could be brighter, usually on a sunny day the sun light has a yellow color to it. Gray light makes it over cast (that's cool if you were going for that). But try to stay away from white lights; or else everything would look like a hospital. White light is pretty rare in nature.

This was made in Blender right? If so, to get rid of all of the fireflies and static simply go under the Render layer tab and check a box that says denoising, it's a life saver.
Keep at it! We need more 3D art on this site.

I'd say "Get the heck out of my house you crossbreed test tube baby!"
Sorry, I never really got the point and appeal of cat girls.

Any way.... the hands look like you weren't even trying, the wrinkles on her clothes look good, the color pallet is clashing with the bright red an blue out lines, and without any pupils she looks stoned. Although the proportions are decent least she looks like a kid some people have trouble with that.

But since I'm a big background-nerd I'll have to lower the score for stealing another's work.
It's not bad, it just needs a little more love.

Nyacchi responds:

chibi hands are like this ^-^

I love designing characters, I've been drawing comics ever since I was a kid. So far I've made 200 characters. And 20 comic series.

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