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It was entertaining enough, but some parts dragged on for a bit. Some simple post editing and scene cutting could solve that. To get a better sense of timing in your animations it's best to start with an animatic before animating, trust me it's important, I didn't do it when I made my first ever six minute long video and it got poor results.

There wasn't really much to the story either. But my first serious animation was like that too so don't feel bad.
There was conflict, but the main character didn't have any long term goals without a goal it makes the plot random and every event unconnected, and makes your character look like he's is just going through the motions, you did give him some weaknesses though which are very important.

Some music would help too, there are tons of musicians on this site that are willing to help for free. The same goes for animators, and voice actors too, so you don't have to overwork yourself.

Over all it's good for a start. Much smoother moving than my stuff. Keep at it! With practice you'll become faster.

YellowBunny18 responds:

Hmmm I think I know what you mean.
Thank you for sharing your option with me!
Appreciate it!

I hate to sound like a jerk but you need to learn the basics of animation if you want to get ahead on this site, heck every site!

Animation starts with a rough draft of your characters simplified into simple shapes.
The importance of this is to get a visual on the character's different proportions so when animating you don't have edit as many deformities like too long arms or huge hands etc.

The other basics include,
1.walking cycle
2.character spin cycle
2.easing in and out
4.squash and stretch
5.lip syncing
6.3 point, 2 point, and 3 point perspective

There are many ways to animate but looking at your style I get the impression you want to make a more hand drawn look; so I suggest frame by frame.

You can do that but simply just drawing every frame blindly. But that technique usually makes your character majorly deform, that's okay if you're looking for that.

But the way I do it, is to draw a basic stick man make sure he's anatomically correct (his spine is normal size, the hands stop end near his hips etc) and then I draw basic shapes on said stick man. (cylinders on the arms and legs, circles joints)

The most important part is to draw the beginning middle and end of the animation FIRST, on different frames, (this doesn't have to be for your whole video)
Then using onion skinning, it's classic animation word that pretty much means making your current blank page transparent so you can see the the beginning and end at the same time.

Now that you see the beginning and the end you simply draw the position in between them, this is called inbetweening.

You can use inbetweening for animating pretty much everything!

If you want to learn all these techniques I suggest using a search engine to find tutorials, or use my main go to site for tutorials You Tube.

I hope this helped, can't wait to see some more complexity to your work, it's pretty cute.

kpjlvw517 responds:

thanks I've been learning animation for three years and I get its not good but thank you for your input

Check out the new denoising checkbox under the scene tab. It will get rid of all of the fireflies. The lighting needs improvement too, you an make light source shapes invisible but still emit light, to do this you must click on the emitter object and under the Orange box tab in properties window uncheck the box that says camera under the cycles settings.

Also test using colored light, when it's a sunny day outdoors make the light yellow when cloudy make the light gray etc.

I love character's design but less frames should make the movement more natural. I hope this helped, keep at it you've got potential.

Laguna-Dragon responds:

Thank you. Next time i will heed your advice. I am always trying to improve my animations. If you have some more advice tell me. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. :)

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This game is soo addictive! I love a good vertical avoider game, everything here is fun, except for the spiky head gets a bit annoying, you always have to dodge the balloon then if you have enough hang time position yourself above the balloon and the stomp, it might be a knit pick but such a simple game shouldn't have too much micromanaging.
But the art is well done and the speed and the music make it really exciting. Keep at it. Over all amazing game.

I love the art style of this game, it's so cute and creative! But the song gets dull after a while, and the level select is a jumbled mess, and doesn't show all of the levels.

Since it's got an arcade feel to it, it really doesn't need a story but it still leaves you wondering what's going on.

Over all it's a decent game, but it seems like you could have added more to the game mechanics. Like a varied jump height depending on how long you hold the button, some more interactive objects, and enemy attack patterns.
Good job.

lbranjord responds:

Yes the game has a terrible untested GUI due to being a mobile port. I was desperate for feedback and pushed it out quick and moved on to the next game. So sorry you had to put up with that. I also planned on additional features, should it gain any positive reviews or downloads. I think between this and android, I should be able to tell whether it needs a full build out or whether it was another learning step for me as a developer.

I appreciate your feedback a lot!

pretty solid engine you've got here.

The story was well thought out. The game runs at a decent speed if you adjust the quality to low.(still a bit too slow though, but almost reasonable) The whole wave system added a good challenge. Although I bumped into 2 glitches the last spider in wave 10 crawled into the ceiling (school upper left) and got trapped there and one time I bumped into an uncollectable power up.

Overall it was pretty good.I like your Pico redesign too.

the badguys can shoot at each other so if your surrounded duck!

a safe point in the school is at the bottom right side of the stage under the ledge keep hopping on the wall (hold downs S) until you recooperate

(common sence) if you have the higher ground on a hill you have a slight advantage

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Absolutely beautiful!

This song is so beautiful and soothing. Although to make it loop better I suggest trashing the fade out at the end to make it more consistent.
Good job!

MateusAbrantes responds:

I guess there isn't a way to make the song loop seemelesly here on NG though. I did what you said in my other composition "Life in the Countryside", but the player adds about 0.2 second before the song starts, so there's always a tiny clip before the loop starts again. Either way, I guess that's the best thing I can do. haha I'm gonna edit this one soon. Thanks!

Awesome! It sounds retro and futuristic at the same time! Keep it up it's pretty unique.

Pitfall responds:

thanks a bunch! glad you liked it (:

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Heyo! Pixel here again if you want your renders to become faster and noise free it only requires one click. Go to properties and click on the two sheets of paper stack on one another aka the Render Layers but you have to be IN CYCLES and then check the Denoising box all the way at the bottom.

As for the review, I suggest you use blue light for a night time effect, which I assume it is with the black sky and all. Some textures wouldn't hurt either there are plenty of them for free online. And UV mapping is pretty easy compared to my arch nemesis weight painting.

Hugarooki responds:

I'll definitely try out that denoise option... as for the background I created my own sky and uv mapped it to a plane..after that I put the plane behind the mountains but no matter how many lights I shined on it it wouldn't light up...I'm still new to cycles so I couldn't figure out how to make the lights stronger for my plane :(

Not bad you even added some dust and damage details cool. I've tried ceramics before and failed, it's a material out of my skill set. Keep at it though you're doing something right.

I like it! It's very adorable! You know you could make your sculptures into plastic no factory or service required. There's this new-ish material called polymer clay, you can buy it at craft stores. Simply model it with your hands and or sculpting tools and toss it in the oven then wallah you have a solid plastic toy.

I'd suggest getting a special toaster oven only for polymer clay though, mostly because the plastic fumes can be toxic and get absorbed by the oven walls; you don't want that on your food.

RagingDragons responds:

thx! I will try you what you said!

I love designing characters, I've been drawing comics ever since I was a kid. So far I've made 200 characters. And 20 comic series.

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