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Wow this is way better than your last one. The animation isn’t too slow the camera angles are better. The only things it is lacking was good character lighting and a detailed background.

The lighting needs work they were almost completely silhouettes try learning some three point lighting.
The background could use more detail as well, I assume he was in a city, you could add more meshes like buildings windows, pillars, doors, make side walks and fire hydrants etc. Of course you don’t have to make everything yourself , , , you can find set meshes online for free.

But overall it was pretty fun to watch and well paced. Good job.

I’m not going to lie it looks like you just stole some images from the net and turned them into puppets. The styles are not too consistent either. If you have trouble drawing you could always get an artist to help on here through the forums or the Collabinator some are even willing to help for free.

For what it is the animation was pretty stiff. Gestures usually make talking scenes more interesting.

The joke is also pretty old too, try a little harder next time.

Well that got dark. I like the design of the lamb, she reminds me of old school Astro Boy or Bambi.

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This game is soo addictive! I love a good vertical avoider game, everything here is fun, except for the spiky head gets a bit annoying, you always have to dodge the balloon then if you have enough hang time position yourself above the balloon and the stomp, it might be a knit pick but such a simple game shouldn't have too much micromanaging.
But the art is well done and the speed and the music make it really exciting. Keep at it. Over all amazing game.

I love the art style of this game, it's so cute and creative! But the song gets dull after a while, and the level select is a jumbled mess, and doesn't show all of the levels.

Since it's got an arcade feel to it, it really doesn't need a story but it still leaves you wondering what's going on.

Over all it's a decent game, but it seems like you could have added more to the game mechanics. Like a varied jump height depending on how long you hold the button, some more interactive objects, and enemy attack patterns.
Good job.

lbranjord responds:

Yes the game has a terrible untested GUI due to being a mobile port. I was desperate for feedback and pushed it out quick and moved on to the next game. So sorry you had to put up with that. I also planned on additional features, should it gain any positive reviews or downloads. I think between this and android, I should be able to tell whether it needs a full build out or whether it was another learning step for me as a developer.

I appreciate your feedback a lot!

pretty solid engine you've got here.

The story was well thought out. The game runs at a decent speed if you adjust the quality to low.(still a bit too slow though, but almost reasonable) The whole wave system added a good challenge. Although I bumped into 2 glitches the last spider in wave 10 crawled into the ceiling (school upper left) and got trapped there and one time I bumped into an uncollectable power up.

Overall it was pretty good.I like your Pico redesign too.

the badguys can shoot at each other so if your surrounded duck!

a safe point in the school is at the bottom right side of the stage under the ledge keep hopping on the wall (hold downs S) until you recooperate

(common sence) if you have the higher ground on a hill you have a slight advantage

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Hey! You're pretty good at this! It's got a catchy beat. It even has percussion, which some starters neglect. Keep at it!

XmegaE150 responds:

Thanks for your feedback :)
Even if it's one of my very first songs x)

Not bad, it's on key, it has percussion, and it is a bit catchy which is good. It could use a stronger more noticeable breakdown though. Other than that good job!

Slashscreen responds:

Thank you! I hope to get better- I’m learning the piano now so maybe that will help

Absolutely beautiful!

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Amazing job! She looks even more adorable in your style! Thanks for the fan art I really appreciate it.

It’s like a more handy version of an Orbinaut!
Absolutely adorable!

When upscaling pixel art it's best to upscale by hundreds like 100, 200, or 300. Or else it will look blurry. If you don't have a program that does that you can always use https://lospec.com/pixel-art-scaler/

froggydafroggy responds:

thanks for the site. i must have put in the wrong version. thank you!

I call myself the artistic handyman I know pixel art, vector art, CGI art, animation, game development, the basics of music, writing, character design, sculpting, and comics.

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