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Hey! You're pretty good at this! It's got a catchy beat. It even has percussion, which some starters neglect. Keep at it!

XmegaE150 responds:

Thanks for your feedback :)
Even if it's one of my very first songs x)

Not bad, it's on key, it has percussion, and it is a bit catchy which is good. It could use a stronger more noticeable breakdown though. Other than that good job!

Slashscreen responds:

Thank you! I hope to get better- I’m learning the piano now so maybe that will help

Absolutely beautiful!

This song is so beautiful and soothing. Although to make it loop better I suggest trashing the fade out at the end to make it more consistent.
Good job!

MateusAbrantes responds:

I guess there isn't a way to make the song loop seemelesly here on NG though. I did what you said in my other composition "Life in the Countryside", but the player adds about 0.2 second before the song starts, so there's always a tiny clip before the loop starts again. Either way, I guess that's the best thing I can do. haha I'm gonna edit this one soon. Thanks!

Awesome! It sounds retro and futuristic at the same time! Keep it up it's pretty unique.

Pitfall responds:

thanks a bunch! glad you liked it (:

This song deserves way more that one and a half stars!
It's one of the best Chiptunes I've ever heard! I love how the melody immerses you. It's catchy, the only thing wrong is that it's a bit repetitive, but it sounds so good that it doesn't matter. I'll increase your stars.
Good job.

GJYYNGII responds:

Thank you for your comment.

This is the best electric song I've heard in a long time! It really got me dancing you deserve all five stars.

DJ-Doty responds:

It's a real honor to hear this! Thank you very much! :)

This is really good! I don't see why you got such a low score, I up voted you.(:

It's unique catchy and a good song!

Why'd this get such a low score? This song is awesome, it's got structure, variety, and an awesome beat.

This is a really good track, it's got a breakdown, good lyrics, it's not repetitive, and good over all sound.
Good job, keep it up.

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