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Might want to start using colored lights, it looks quite gloomy, and the sun is usually yellow. And it looks like she's made of plastic, for skin it's best to go with subsurface scattering. I'd give you the details but there are plenty of free tutorials on YouTube.
But over all the model it self is amazing and very high quality, although the face isn't as good as the rest to be honest. Keep at it you've got great potential.

JustyBusty responds:

Hey, thank you for the advice. I'll have to go look up tutorials, I just got started on Nodes and have absolutely no idea on what does what haha. Or if you could, I would really appreciate if you directly messaged me a video or article you think would be helpful!
Also yeah I have to agree, I really didn't like the human face I gave it so I thought maybe turning it into a pig would help haha. The original mouth for the pig face is a lot better than what this one is.
Thank you for your help as always, I really appreciate it!

It never gets old! The part that cracks me up the most is when he biting the table.

You might want to put more effort in your character designs, I got the main character confused with the new guy quite often. If I put your two human characters in a crowd of other artists' characters they would not stand out.

Defining characters can be as simple as just color coding your characters, like the Power Rangers or Sonic; to designing a character with features that are not too common like Mickey Mouse's round ears or Pikachu's lightening bolt tail.

The story was simple but the goal was unclear, you also might want introduce the goal near the beginning of the story, I couldn't even tell if the main character wanted to avoid Damien until I read the description. But without a goal a story becomes scrambled and unconnected.

The special effects were uh not too good, I learned effects by simply looking at video game pixel art sprite sheets online, and by just drawing and animating fire lightening etc in YouTube videos. Better lip syncing will bump up the quality and so will some backgrounds too.

But it's pretty entertaining just how it is though. It's pretty funny.
And at least there's some conflict and character flaws which are crucial.
It's antisocial characters, brashness, and randomness reminds me of Erick the Juiceman. Way to go!

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This game is soo addictive! I love a good vertical avoider game, everything here is fun, except for the spiky head gets a bit annoying, you always have to dodge the balloon then if you have enough hang time position yourself above the balloon and the stomp, it might be a knit pick but such a simple game shouldn't have too much micromanaging.
But the art is well done and the speed and the music make it really exciting. Keep at it. Over all amazing game.

I love the art style of this game, it's so cute and creative! But the song gets dull after a while, and the level select is a jumbled mess, and doesn't show all of the levels.

Since it's got an arcade feel to it, it really doesn't need a story but it still leaves you wondering what's going on.

Over all it's a decent game, but it seems like you could have added more to the game mechanics. Like a varied jump height depending on how long you hold the button, some more interactive objects, and enemy attack patterns.
Good job.

lbranjord responds:

Yes the game has a terrible untested GUI due to being a mobile port. I was desperate for feedback and pushed it out quick and moved on to the next game. So sorry you had to put up with that. I also planned on additional features, should it gain any positive reviews or downloads. I think between this and android, I should be able to tell whether it needs a full build out or whether it was another learning step for me as a developer.

I appreciate your feedback a lot!

pretty solid engine you've got here.

The story was well thought out. The game runs at a decent speed if you adjust the quality to low.(still a bit too slow though, but almost reasonable) The whole wave system added a good challenge. Although I bumped into 2 glitches the last spider in wave 10 crawled into the ceiling (school upper left) and got trapped there and one time I bumped into an uncollectable power up.

Overall it was pretty good.I like your Pico redesign too.

the badguys can shoot at each other so if your surrounded duck!

a safe point in the school is at the bottom right side of the stage under the ledge keep hopping on the wall (hold downs S) until you recooperate

(common sence) if you have the higher ground on a hill you have a slight advantage

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Hey! You're pretty good at this! It's got a catchy beat. It even has percussion, which some starters neglect. Keep at it!

XmegaE150 responds:

Thanks for your feedback :)
Even if it's one of my very first songs x)

Not bad, it's on key, it has percussion, and it is a bit catchy which is good. It could use a stronger more noticeable breakdown though. Other than that good job!

Absolutely beautiful!

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I absolutely love this peice! Good colors and overall design.

Just a tip, but usually when I make pictures I make the outlines with a vector program first. With vectors you can rescale the image and will never look fuzzy. The only free one I know of is Inkscape, but it’s SUPER not user friendly, so I usually use Opentoonz, after making said lines I color it in flat and export it to a drawing program for shading and details.

TyPreeAnimation responds:

really? never heard of those, might try them out

Absolute nightmare fuel, might want to use more lamps and crank up the brightness. Another lighting tip would be to use colored lights it makes a huge difference.

As for the design to be honest it lacks appeal in all ways, even if is supposed to be a scary overdetailed still like they do on the actual Spongebob; it pretty much fails at that too because it's not rediculous enough.

Although you are pretty good at picking the right materials and noding and such.You might want to use a reference next time so it won't feel like you're drawing in the dark.

The internet has a life time amount of free tips so never stop learning, watch some Youtube tutorials, art tips, and practice. And if you're on the fence about whether it's good or not wait until the next day and then view it again, that what I do for my crappy 3d models.

JakeFalkingham responds:

To be honest his face was done on purpose. It was that scene from that face freeze episode where squidwards face got stuck. Trust me I could do much worse

I call myself the artistic handyman I know pixel art, vector art, CGI art, animation, game development, the basics of music, writing, character design, sculpting, and comics. If you need any help or advice don’t be shy I love sharing my skills for free.

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