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thepixelizer's News

Posted by thepixelizer - October 11th, 2017

Welcome one and all, here is the third of my cheap knockoff characters this time featuring Shadow and Rougue.


 Introducing Noirdex the ultimate Ladies' man and smoker, and Wing the Hoochy. Wing just melts in Noidex's grasp, he's always seen with her, and some question if Wing can stand up on her own, and if she's a ragdoll.

Posted by thepixelizer - September 6th, 2017

Introducing Marbletopia a futursistic robot town!

This makes an awesome desktop background the following is the cut off version I'm using as a desktop background.


It's from an old comic I made back in Highschool named Hard Head, it was about this fan character I made that looked like a robot version of Block Head, it wasn't too original (and I was never happy with the way he shaped he's subliminally looks like an unmentionable to me ) but at leaste the backgrounds were good.



This is probably the benchmark when my characters started to look extremely different from one another, and when

I started making things so original you couldn't tell what they were.

Posted by thepixelizer - September 3rd, 2017

Weeell since no one said yes or no, I'll take that as a yes then.

Here he is a cheap knock off of Sonic the Hedgehog named Blitz the Whiplash, he can move really swiftly. He's Made purley to dodge copy right infringement, made from straight up boredom, and I'll possibly use him in my cartoon world.


Forget this! The day's done! I'll just turn in and be consumed by pure regret.

And wake up next morning and go to Disney Land.


Posted by thepixelizer - August 30th, 2017

I'm a big Ninten-nerd I still often play the rated E stuff, mainly to know what my younger audience likes. It makes you wonder where's all of Pixel's fan art? Well here goes something . . . I drew this because of boredom. The one on the left is SEGA's world famouse bubblegum head Amy Rose, while on the right is a cheep knock off character I designed named Janey the Mace. I may use her in my original content to parody Amy so I don't get in Copy Right trouble. I've got a few more sitting in the toaster, should I stop? Send me a comment.


Posted by thepixelizer - July 30th, 2017

Yup now I'm no longer 24 now I'm 25! ....Whoot....

Posted by thepixelizer - April 10th, 2017

Well if you've been sniffing around the Collabinator or the forums you probably know that my cartoon Platformer Pests2 needs one more voice actress to play Flying Felisha.


So if you're intrested contact me. I'll provide the lines if you're interested, (you could just read the subtitles in my cartoon and record those)  Any voice will do I've been waiting for months!

Also I've made a cool wall paper check it out


Posted by thepixelizer - April 6th, 2017

Hello Newgrounds, I've made a new picture check it out.


And while your doing that, how about leave me a comment and rate it.


Also there's a little animated loop goody in my art thread!




Posted by thepixelizer - February 25th, 2017

Here's the final lame super hero drawings, introducing Submeltycon!


With the power to turn into a puddle of ice.

Posted by thepixelizer - February 23rd, 2017

Inrtoducing Wuhzoox man!


Always hyper active Wuhzoox Man defends the city, he can scale large buildings in an elevator, he's faster than an old man crossing the street, he's stronger than a todler in a Karate class. Wuhzoox Man was gifted with the ability to implode. He got his powers from finding and putting on the Mighty Tidy Widies.

Posted by thepixelizer - February 18th, 2017

Page two of the lame super powers character doodles.

Introducing Stone Out! He's an original villain with an addiction.


Stone Out was a man, but after inventing a new narcotic/steroid named Swamp Gas, he got so stoned (high) that he turned into stone,becoming the worlds biggest addict, he's constantly breathing in Swamp Gas from a tank on his back, if he stops he'll suffer the longest hang over man has ever seen.