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thepixelizer's News

Posted by thepixelizer - May 9th, 2020

Well I did it the next chapter for my Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster comic is here! I've cooked up ten comic strips and will be serving them out daily for ten days in a row so stay tuned.


If you want to catch up here's the ARCHIVE

The first one is here


Posted by thepixelizer - April 18th, 2020


Here's a character from a game I wanted to make in Wickeditor named Slasher Dasher everytime I look at him I laugh, come on just look at him!

In other news I'm drawing more comics, expect to see some more Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster in the eventually. Maybe some more pixel cards I don't know. I mostly just posted Slasher Dasher as a test to see if people will take a doodle I made in an hour seriously.

Making highly detailed and shaded stuff back to back like this.


Is crazy draining , I kind of want to find the fun in drawing again. So if this doesn't completely tank ,I might make doodles like this more often. Don't forget to vote and visit the picture page.


Posted by thepixelizer - March 7th, 2020

Hello Newgrounds Pixel needs a sidehustle to hopefully I save up for a new laptop so I no longer have to rely on only a mobile tablet and to get a powerful new tool for my artistic arsenal.

So I'm taking commissions again. I'll make you a comic strip with 9 panels for $30 shaded $9 for unshaded. And if I like your idea I might do it for free since I mostly do art for fun and I love helping people.

And if you need a series I can lower the price per page and yadda yadda we'll figure something out.





Posted by thepixelizer - February 15th, 2020


I can't believe it! After ten years on here I've finally reached my 100th upload, I never though I had the creativity to even make those many pictures. So here's a crappy little gif. to celebrate.

Well lately I've been doing quite the juggling act of tackling many different old projects.

The Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster and Platformer Pests series are still on the shelf for now.

If you don't know what Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster is check it out here.

Currently I'm currently working on the first Sticks and Owns comic.


It will be an animated gif loop comic on the art portal.

Featuring Jet the Silhouette.


I might also make a comic featuring the guy in red boots as cameoed in my second video. He will be getting a redesign though since he pretty generic.


Also another character from his series cameos in this carve and share entry Fi the computer program the lady on the left.

Since making all this stuff is going to fry my brain occasionally I'll take breaks and make filler content like Pixel cards they are little cards featuring fun facts about my characters like the Jet one above. Here's a list of the first 10.

Posted by thepixelizer - January 21st, 2020


Well I’ve finally done it, I’ve completed my Comic Fury site for Platformer Pests! Ain’t she a beauty? Check it out HERE.

So far I’ve only uploaded 1 and 2.

In other news I’ve downloaded some new tools in the App Store, you may just see the Platformer Pests comic make it’s grand return.

I might also take a stab at chip tunes too no promises.


Posted by thepixelizer - January 17th, 2020



Well hello again, I've now have just uploaded the Star Bright mp.4 to Newgrounds, so now you can stream and it watch it on mobile in all of it's flash puppetty goodness. Now you no longer need to go to the YouTube link in the description to stream it. Which doesn't exist now because I took down all of my YouTube videos, cause YouToilet stinks.


I only reluctantly joined Youtrash for the ad money which I never set up (since I hate ads and would feel dread inflicting them on another) and it wouldn't make a difference anyway if I did; since I literally in all seriousness got around 500 views they got put into suspended animation for several years up to the day I deleted it in Dember 2019.

Tangent over

Anywho let that ship sink, in other news I'm working on another new comic series I'm putting Shuttle Switcher on hiatus for now since it seems like my art is lacking variety and that series oversaturating my gallery.

And as you know I try to be a creature of variety.


Get ready for the return of Sticks and OWNS.


It's gotten very little attention from me over the years due to it's poor reception after the first comic I've posted back in 2017.

But darn it! I'm giving it another shot! This time it it's named OWNS instead of PWNS so you know it's better. Just as I intended for my comic Shuttle Switcher Dimensional Disaster, Sticks and OWNS will actually be an animated gif. comic with little loops in random panels, because now Wick Editor's colors work on Android now woot!

Sticks and Pwn's was remake of a comic I drew simply named Stick Comic, I drew it when I was young so it didn't really have much of a story, it was mostly jokes and nonsense with a little lesson at the end of every saga. Featuring dark and antisocial humor, lots of over the top action, fights, and characters.

So now for the rebranded Sticks and Owns I'll be actually giving it a story line. May the force be with me.🤞🖖


Posted by thepixelizer - January 10th, 2020


Welcome digital artists! Have you ever been this guy?


Does it feel like you've just hit the point where you just are going nowhere? You practice and practice; but you still cringe at your art?

Well that's been me many times, and man do I need an ice pack.

I started out pretty subpar when I first started posting art. My characters were lumpy and poorly proportioned, the most views I got in one day was 2, I had zero fans for many years. But now I have over half a hundred fans. And I have art peices with up to 5 stars in ratings 40 views on the same day as posted. How did I do it? What kind of wizardry is this?

I sat down and learned some tutorials.

If you read any of my constructive critiques on here I usually say "Look up some tutorials".

It's a fact we're living in the information age. You don't need an art teacher or an art mentor when you've got the internet!

Believe it or not behind all of those stupid cat videos, spam, and let's plays, YouTube is brimming with tons of useful free art tips! So get them while they're hot, because you don't know how long YT will last.

Well I finally put my byte where my cryptocurrency is and I made a neat little playlist with some handy art tips I saved over time, here's a link.


There's also more on our very own home turf!



I hope that helped, I find preventing people from banging a hole in their desks is one of my most treasured rewards. If you need anymore tips or want to share your own tips feel free to simply leave a comment this ain't only a catering service it's also a pot luck too!



Posted by thepixelizer - January 2nd, 2020

Hello Newgrounds I'm back from an unannounced break. I took one because I had to get rid of my wifi router, right now I'm cellphone hotspot powered, too bad my mobile tablet only connects 3 out of 10 times, also my last stylus broke last month so I had to ship in some more. In addition I slaved away making Christmas sculpture presents for my family.


Here's one mmmm cookie...

Also if you read my last news post I claimed I had a surprise for you last month. Well sorry ):

The surprise was going to be added voices to Platformer Pests 2.

I've synced all of Mac's voice clips, added voices to Pop and Jack Dynacrash, Deg, the soldiers and didn't quite finish Felisha.

Unfortunately you can't even rent Adobe Animate anymore as expected.

Although with all those other tasks on my hands, I would've also have to take the bus to go to my favorite work space a few cities away daily in the freezing winter cold due to my lack a car, a laptop, and money.

There's still hope though! I could convert it all to video, if the swf is on my SD card, after that I suppose I could use a video editing program to sync in the last of the voice clips and wallah, complete dub!

Anywho I've managed to finish the next


This one features Keith! More about him is in the comic description.

I might post some scans of the original comic he's from one day.

Oh yeah one last tidbit, I'm going to try to spread the Pixel Empire to comicfury.com (not to be confused with furry) unlike Newgrounds it will make it easier to browse through my stories in order, thanks to their nifty little interface. Unlike Newgrounds it's not simple. I have to build my page from the ground up using HTML and CSS coding. Since I only know Game Maker Language this could take a while. I'll only be uploading the existing backlog though nothing new.

But fear not, I'm riding the Newgrounds train to Kingdom-come! This place is too awesome to leave and forget, so this will be my primary community, even if I ever try to make my own website.

Happy belated New Year Newgrounds.


Posted by thepixelizer - November 19th, 2019

Sup NGtankers, thepixelizer has


If you haven't noticed, lately I've been working my bitmap behind off making a Shuttle Switcher comic daily.


I've finaly have reached my goal from forever ago to upload stuff more consistantly. But man is it taxing especially since I've started from this


And leveled up to this


And am currently on this


I'd hate to brag but WOW! I'm not going to lie last ones were the best looking art peices I've ever made in my entire life! I guess practice does make better. But unfortunately I'm starting to burn out, two comic projects have completely destroyed my sleep because I had to pull two all nighters. I'm still really digging this story though, so I most likely I won't shelf it like my other series.


Anywho if you wondering what the heck I'm talking about I started a story for ...iu_70618_3040038.png

My anthology comic series I started as a kid and now have recently revisited it. Featuring some of my now over 300 characters. The story version won't replace the Shuttle Switcher anthology though (proof) , they'll exist as two separate comics with the great divider being the subtitle "Dimensional Disaster".

So far I've made a total of seven comics, but don't bail out of the bus window yet, you can still make it to your stop. Unlike my starchy Platformer Pests comic sagas with over twenty panel pages and three parts, this ride will have a maximum of nine panels per comic, so they're all short yet sweet you could read all of them in a few minutes (so far).

Over all the series has gotten a mad good reception here; even the simpler ones have recieved good scores. So check them out please.

I evez made a playlist woot! But you can just use the links under the comics to navigate through pages though.

Other than that I've got I've got a December gift for all of you tanktactical people so get ready for that.



Posted by thepixelizer - November 10th, 2019

Just finished whipping up a new Shuttle Switcher comic!

Once more my art levels up! I've learned another cool shading technique.

Thepixelizer's getting wiser.