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Amazing job! She looks even more adorable in your style! Thanks for the fan art I really appreciate it.

It’s like a more handy version of an Orbinaut!
Absolutely adorable!

When upscaling pixel art it's best to upscale by hundreds like 100, 200, or 300. Or else it will look blurry. If you don't have a program that does that you can always use https://lospec.com/pixel-art-scaler/

froggydafroggy responds:

thanks for the site. i must have put in the wrong version. thank you!

I absolutely adore that bee, she probably could use some more clothes though.

TheNatechuZone responds:

Half of the characters in Bug Fables don't even wear clothes so I think she'll be fine

When scaling pixel art up it's best to scale it up by the hundreds 200, 300, 400, etc. Otherwise it looks blurry, you can also scale up already animated gifs with lospec in the following link.

CloudedTigger489 responds:

thanks man

Good shading but the anatomy is all wrong, her chin is too long; that usually makes a face look masculine. Her torso has no curves or hour glass shape as well which makes her look like a drag queen. The arms and face aren't symmetrical. Her braests are a bit too high. And her face barely looks like Rosalina at all.

FakingDack responds:

Thanks I'll look into it

Not too bad, although your cursive is really hard to read. Usually the industry works with just the classic alphabet font in all caps to avoid confusion.
The yellow dojo guy seems racist.
The anatomy of the characters' bodies are pretty bad, usually humans arms are supposed to reach our pockets. And the forearm and upper arm are the same length. Male pectoral muscles are usually more of a rectangle than round unless he's fat. (Or has implants.)

Judging by the whited out mistake, I assume you didn't really rough draft much and drew it all out with out planning.
Here's a YouTube tutorial explaining that.
The background would look way better with some point perspective.

But on the positive side that the characters designs are distinct from one another, the composition of the panels is varied instead of being a boring grid, and the story isn't predictable which is good.

To get down human anatomy I simply just drew random people I saw on a search engine. I know you're not really going for realistic, but learning proportion can really help your designs look more natural and you won't loose immersion.

Dynawizard98 responds:

First of all, thank you so much for your feedback. Yeah I know it's hard to read every line (even my dad pointed it out), so I'll make sure to writte in the stick letter format, besides rework everything using photoshop, specially for the colors which seem a little bit "dead".
BTW I don't think Bao (the dojo owner) is a racist interpretation. Actually he's inspired by Omi from Xiaolin Showdown.
I'm against any kind of preconception, we're all equal to each other.
Futhermore, this is my artstyle and each artist has their own characteristical anatomy and proportions. I understand that you're unfamiliar with my trace but the way each person drawn is what makes it so special and unique. This is just my opinion.
But either way I'm glad you're giving me some ideas of how to improve my work, and I'm looking foward to more people see my art and report me what's need to change and what they most like about it.
That's all I have to say. Have a good night/evening/day/afternoon! (* ^ ω ^)

The lighting and model are really impressive, The only thing off is how she's posed, the left arm is in an unnatural position, it looks as if she broke her arm, same goes for her left leg it's bending completely the opposite way that joint can even pivot.

Maybe a reference next time could help.

Super blurry, you can rescale animated gif.s with this browser tool.
When recalling pixel art it's best to set the scaling ratio to hundreds like, 200,300,400 etc., otherwise it will be very blurry or distorted.

I'm absolutely liking this one.
A background wouldn't hurt though.

RoadBlockTron responds:

I could start adding backgrounds to my sprites, though I might start that with my next character project, but thank you for your comment.

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