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Wow this is way better than your last one. The animation isn’t too slow the camera angles are better. The only things it is lacking was good character lighting and a detailed background.

The lighting needs work they were almost completely silhouettes try learning some three point lighting.
The background could use more detail as well, I assume he was in a city, you could add more meshes like buildings windows, pillars, doors, make side walks and fire hydrants etc. Of course you don’t have to make everything yourself , , , you can find set meshes online for free.

But overall it was pretty fun to watch and well paced. Good job.

I’m not going to lie it looks like you just stole some images from the net and turned them into puppets. The styles are not too consistent either. If you have trouble drawing you could always get an artist to help on here through the forums or the Collabinator some are even willing to help for free.

For what it is the animation was pretty stiff. Gestures usually make talking scenes more interesting.

The joke is also pretty old too, try a little harder next time.

Well that got dark. I like the design of the lamb, she reminds me of old school Astro Boy or Bambi.

The story is okay but the pacing is agonizingly slow.
Might want to limit your amount of dialogue, listening to characters tell the whole story isn’t as entertaining as seeing it go down. As John Lasseter maker of Toy Story said “Show don’t tell.”

You can actually make an entire cartoon story without a character saying a single word, like Wall e or many of Pixar’s shorts or Dad’s Home here on Newgrounds.

Overall it’s animated okay except the walk cycles didn’t have their heads bob up and down, the backgrounds are almost nonexistent and lack detail. The interior of a house would usually have furniture lamps, appliances, shelves doors and random decor etc.

The jokes were okay, I laughed at the mermaids bad voice.
The video could have been more enjoyable if the jokes weren’t so far apart from each other though.

Balancing a plot is easier said than done though, hopefully you’ll reach that point.
Well keep doing what you love.

Man your stuff is side splitting, it may not look the best but the script and funny movements really crack me up. I really appreciate your videos. You deserve way more attention.

You know, there’s this free 3d animation software out there named Blender3d you get all the features no trials no pay at all ever, it’s crazy powerful too it can make things that look better than Unreal if you know what your doing, and there are thousands of tutorials on YouTube to learn how to use it.
And tons of models on the web to download on blendswap.com, blendernation.com, or sketchfab.com.

I’d really love to see more content from you. Your stuff is one of a kind.

Not bad I really love the atmosphere and style of this animation.
It's a bit choppy and could use more easing and inbetweens but it's pretty decent for your first post.
Also this place is loaded full of voice actors that would help you for free all you need to do is post an ad on the Collbinator.

prodigypet responds:

thank you very much! ^_^
i do have voice actors available actually but i thought it would be neat to do a sort of video game inspired thing with the dialogue, i plan to make things with voice acting very soon!

Only a cold murdering robot would fall in love with a complex like that.
It's really hard to tell who the protagonist is in this short.

That was freaking hilarious! The animation wasn’t the best but the script surpasses it.

I’m guessing you might have used Blender3d to make that girl original character, why not try and go back, just like Source Film Maker in Blender 2.80 you can now preview your animation full render in real time using their new EEVEE system.

Learn a few free tutorials on YouTube make your own models, and you could make some really jaw dropping stuff.

Blender looks far better than SFM if you know how to use it.

CrispyToastYT responds:

Actually, I'm not a modeler myself. It was made by a friend of mine. I should probably mention it in the description just to clear things up.

But hey, a Blender animation would sound nice to work with though! Just that I need to work with the things there.

I can't stop watching this, I like everything about this, the plot is ridiculous, I liked every single character and their designs even Crinston. I like how the dialogue had so much personality. This is a masterpiece PallidCrest! Keep at it, I can't wait to see the next video!

PallidCrest responds:

Thank you! ^^ I hope I'l be able to make another one in the future.

The end fight needs more animation, it was pretty choppy and some of the frames were too still.
Animatics and rough draft animations are really important I can never stress that enough. I'm guessing this has been made frame by frame. It 's way easier doing pose to pose animation, I'm sure you can find a tutorial on Youtube or Google about it for free.

Limited animation aside it was interesting, pretty fun, and has a good music selection. Some voice acting wouldn't hurt either, there are plenty of people on Newgrounds audio portal and forums that would help for free.

Over all it's passible and impressive for a first movie. Hopefully there will be a sequel. It actually kind of reminds me of my own content.

SpeedVGM responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely look into pose to pose animation. Episode 2 is definitely on its way!

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